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Sep 1, 2015: [交易日] 個股泥沙俱下 抗跌的秘密是什麼?

Aug 28, 2015: 量化基金经理的自白:绝对收益才是硬道理

Jun 18, 2015: [甘肅衛視 Gansu TV] 《私募微觀察》尋找投資的“長升之術”

Jun 5, 2015: [甘肅衛視 Gansu TV] A股投資A-share :5000點巨震不斷  玩的就是心跳?

May 22, 2015: Apr 2015's newsletter is now available

Feb 23, 2015: [AsiaHedge] Mispriced securities help Galaxy China navigate tricky markets

Sep 25, 2014: [Futures Daily (期貨日報)] 期貨私募做大做強 “投研”忽視不得

Sep 19, 2014: Galaxy granted RQFII quotas of RMB 500 million! For more details, please click here

Jun 7, 2014: Galaxy (Derek Lee) will present at the 22nd Fund Investment Forum held by myFP (展恒理財)in Beijing 

May 20, 2014: [期貨資管網] 嘉理資產:商品中性策略收益是海外2倍

May 7, 2014: [Simuwang(私募排排網)] 李建春:堅持市場中性 追求長期穩定收益  

Apr 25, 2014Galaxy Quantitative Fund is nominated for "EurekaHedge Asian Hedge Fund Awards 2014 - Best Asia-based CTA/Managed Futures Fund Awards" ! Please click here for more details. 

20140425 galaxy quantitative fund on nomination list

Mar 6, 2014: Galaxy granted RQFII qualification! For more details, please click here 

Aug 17, 2013: Galaxy presented at the 6th CTA Conference held by CMB in Shenzhen by Lanz Chan Ph. D, (Photo)

Jul 31, 2013: [Futures Daily (期貨日報)] 看好內地市場 境外對沖基金曲線入境掘金

Jul 22, 2013: [Futures Daily (期貨日報)] 利率市場化進程加快 國債期貨需求更加迫切

Jul 5, 2013: [Securities Times (證券時報)] 2013 Best Commodity Strategy - Galaxy JaYi Managed Futures Hedging Strategy

Sep 26, 2012: China Observations : Sino Sport Stocks & Shocks

Jul 19, 2012: China Observations : Food Safety, Hydroponics & Organic Life in China 

Jul 7, 2012: Galaxy presentation at ICBC Shenzhen Futian Branch, by Lanz Chan Ph.D 

Jun 5, 2012: [HK Economic Journal (信報)] 經濟環境變天  潛在問題現形   基金:民企墮落天使難尋

May 26, 2012: Galaxy presented at the PingAn Futures Investment Conference in Shanghai

                       Topic: Application of Quantatitive Investment Strategy & Innovative Products - technology for stable returns

                       Presentation made by Lanz Chan Ph.D

May 12, 2012: China Observations : Green Technologies Development in China

Apr 2012: [AsiaHedge] Galaxy seeks seed investors for new quant vehicle

Apr 2012: China Perspectives : Slower, but Better Quality Growth 

Mar 19, 2012: China Observations : Chinese Luxury Symbolism

Feb 27, 2012: [HK Economic Times (香港經濟日報)] 嘉理陳文輝 點評六大潛質股 

Feb 27, 2012[Asian Investor] Galaxy exploring quant universe with CTA hedge fund

Feb 25, 2012: [I-Money] Cover Story: 2010 冠軍基金 陳文輝 5隻潛力細價股

Feb 6, 2012: [MingPao (明報)] 基金跑贏指數 嘉理資產陳文輝 匯控是「失落天使」

Jan 26, 2012: China Observations : Poetic Yangshuo: Protecting Paradise

Jan 4, 2012: [Ping An] 平安期貨2011嘉理產品策略總結分析

Jan 2012: China Perspectives : Beijing's Dragon Dance 


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